What is a green mortgage?

Are mortgages which offer an additional incentive when buying a home. They reward you for retrofitting your home with energy efficient improvements

What are energy efficient improvements?

They can be from insulation and double glazing, to solar and heat pump installation

Can a remortgage be done via a green mortgage?

Yes – each time you remortgage you can swap to a green remortgage

Is a green mortgage cheaper than a traditional mortgage?

Yes – the monetary rewards can vary from direct cashback, discounted rates, 0% additional borrowing products. Speak to our Mortgage Advisors for free today, to find a green mortgage product that suits yo

Who is eligible for a green mortgage?

Anyone who is currently paying a mortgage, buying a house, or fully own your home

What are the benefits of a green mortgage?

Discounted mortgage rates or direct cashback
Lower energy costs which depend on what extent you retrofitted your home
Contributing to the shift towards net zero

What’s an ECP rating?

ECP stands for Energy Performance Rating:, and it’s a measure on how energy efficient your home is. Houses with and ECP rating of A,B and sometimes C are what will make you eligible for a green mortgage

Why are banks offering green mortgages?

There is pressure from the UK government to achieve a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels, reaching net zero by 2050.

Can you switch to a green mortgage?

Yes you can switch to a green mortgage once your home has an ECP rating of A/B (sometimes C). We can also help you retrofit your home to increase your ECP rating.