Green Mortgage Brokers and Advisers

We are people, just like you

At Go 2 Green Finance, we have a team of friendly, professional mortgage brokers and advisors that will provide you with expert advice and guidance on the mortgage process.

Green Mortgage Brokers 

We specialise in mortgages for properties that are more environmentally friendly than a standard property, if you are moving into a more energy-efficient home, we work with mortgage lenders that will reward you with slightly better interest rates, some nice extras and maybe some cashback. 

Whether this is you buying for the first-time or re-mortgaging there will be a product to reward your eco credentials.

Properties normally qualify by having an EPC rating of A or B.  

We'll offer financial advice tailored specifically to you, the borrower, and act as an intermediary between you and external mortgage lenders.

Our mortgage brokers will aim to secure you the best mortgage deal, sourced from a range of independent and high-street lenders.

Aiming to a more energy efficient home? 

If you already have an existing mortgage but want to use your mortgage to help make energy efficient improvements such as Solar and Battery storage, a Heat Pump installed or even funding better insulation to help the house achieve a EPC rating of A or B we can help you secure this finance over the same period as your existing mortgage. 

Allowing you to make savings as soon as the kit is installed.